Earth Care Workshops

Earth Care offers  workshops on several topics.  To schedule one, or to suggest a topic not on the list below, please contact us.

  • Green Teams:  How to start (or revitalize) a creation care ministry in your congregation
  • Energy Stewards:  How and why to this program for tracking building energy use and costs
  • Reducing energy use in congregations:  Covers such topics as lighting, HVAC, insulation, weatherization, appliances, office equipment, and thermostats
  • Introduction to Task of the Month:  How to use the Task of the Month program effectively in your congregation
  • Cut Your Carbon:  A multi-week program for systematically reducing your carbon footprint, using David Gershon’s book A Low-Carbon Diet
  • America’s Energy Future:  A forum from NIFI to deliberate on the energy choices our nation faces


H-IPL  Programs

  • Task of the Month – a program for reducing household energy use
  • Using Energy Prudently – learn how your congregation can save energy, freeing up funds for mission-related activities
  • Climate Boot Camp – equips faith leaders to speak confidently and knowledgeably about our present climate crisis, and to respond as people of faith to this critical challenge
  • Environmentally Responsible Investing  Workshop –  how to invest endowments and other funds in ways that honor commitments to care for the earth
  • Solar Financing – coming soon!

To see more, visit Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light 


Additional Programs

Earth Care periodically offers other events designed to raise awareness, facilitate discussion, share information, and teach skills.  Please see our Event Calendar for upcoming activities, and fill out our Survey to indicate your interests.

  • Film showings
  • Discussions
  • Training events