Earth Care’s program for supporting congregations on their journey to sustainability

As of 2018, seven Bloomington-area congregations have invested in solar arrays that provide significant portions of their electricity needs.  This has enabled each to save many thousands of dollars per year in energy costs, while reducing their contribution to the damaging effects of energy production by burning coal and natural gas. These congregations have also made significant cuts to their energy needs through efficiency upgrades and conservation practices.

Each of these congregations received some kind of funding to get them started — grants, bequests, or other major donations –enhanced by their members’ contributions and labor. Each has also learned a lot in the process about reducing energy waste, financing renewable energy projects and educating congregants, all as a part of their faith mission to care for creation.

Now, these congregations are eager to  “pay it forward,”  helping other faith communities reduce their energy consumption and move forward on the path toward renewable energy.  Each has contributed to a fund that will be used to help finance projects identified as next steps along this path.

If your congregation wishes to participate please email us at

The first ten congregations to receive funds will also receive a 1-year subscription to Energy Stewards, a program for tracking energy use (a $150 value).  

Where Are You in the Sustainability Journey?  Let us help you take your next steps!